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Largest Ever Motherhouse Tour

Posted on: May 10th, 2017 by Jean Merry

That is the way Sr. Rose Sevenich described a tour of the Motherhouse for 120 students and their teachers from St. Dominic School in Brookfield.

This group of sixth, seventh and eighth graders arrived at St. Francis Convent the afternoon of April 7 for an experience with eight group guides and four storytellers, all sisters and associates. Each group guide led 15 students and their teacher to the Heritage Room, the Chapel, Memory Lane and the mural outside of the administrative team offices.

Storytellers were in each of the four places and pointed out the significance of each area. Four groups toured simultaneously, while the other four groups were in the Troubadour where Sr. Rose Sevenich and Associate Jill Ardis engaged the students in learning more about St. Francis, a convent, a motherhouse, sisters, associates, and, in particular, our charism.

The students who were in the Troubadour for the first half of the program then switched and took the tour, while the others then came to the Troubadour for input. Sr. Rose received accolades from all who were assisting her for sharing her tremendous organizational skills in planning and facilitating the “largest tour ever.”

Associates and sisters who were engaged in the tour hope that some seeds were planted in the hearts of the students for understanding the call to religious life.