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Rain Garden Constructed at the Motherhouse

Posted on: August 16th, 2016 by Jean Merry

In the last three years, the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage District (MMSD) has selected a city for a Green Summer Project. They collaborate with the community and individuals to better manage water, especially from runoff, as well as help with building rain gardens, providing free rain barrels and education on water conservancy.

They chose the City of St. Francis for the 2016 Green Summer Project. In December 2015, they asked our community for a letter of support for the project. It was sent by the Administrative Team, with a promise that we could benefit. Subsequently, they came with their expertise and walked through our wetlands, giving advice and possibilities of future help with water management. They may also provide some soil amendments in areas where they are needed.

On Thursday, August 11, they put in a rain garden on the north side of the St. Joseph building. They saw this as an ideal place to catch water from two downspouts while providing beauty to the area. Sized approximately 12 by 20 feet, it features 175 native plants that absorb water, such as little blue stem grass, purple cone flowers, butterfly weed, asters, brown-eyed Susans, and more.  The varieties that were chosen will provide color and contrast. MMSD provided the materials and the volunteers to complete the project.20160811_095604 20160811_114018 20160811_115234 20160811_112956 20160811_115726 20160811_111144 20160811_095704 20160811_111131