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Sisters Today | In Memoriam

IMG_0185Who are we called to be today?

How would we re-articulate our charism, that special gift that we, as vowed women religious, are to the Church and world?

“We are gospel women who, trusting in the providence of God and strengthened by community, strive to meet the unmet needs of today as we walk in the footprints of Saints Clare and Francis in mutually sustaining ways with all of creation.”

Our Franciscan response to the needs of today is rooted in our willingness to transform ourselves and our congregation to contribute an alternative reality for the future. We strive to live out of a stance of peace instead of violence; littleness instead of greatness; love instead of indifference; joy instead of sadness; other centeredness instead of selfishness. We desire to pray, celebrate, laugh and minister together with a common heart and common mind.

Women of faith, generosity and courage may inquire about joining us as we move into the future.

We Celebrate the Memory of Our Beloved Sisters’ Faith-filled Lives


WNJ ~ Sister Audrey Mozejewski

WNJ ~ Sister Verna Kayser

WNJ ~ Sister Charitine Jones

WNJ ~ Sister Elizabeth Anne Herrmann

WNJ~Sister Irene Kundinger

WNJ ~ Sister Brigid Yeh

WNJ ~ Sister Veronica Marie Rueth

WNJ ~ Sister Ramona Negrette

WNJ Sister Margaret Ruddy

WNJ Sister Clarinda Zech

WNJ Sr Valerie Sepenski

WNJ Sr Mary Senglaub

WNJ ~ Sr Marie Rose Petrie

WNJ ~ Sr Patricia DeLany

WNJ ~ Sr Patricia McAlpin

WNJ ~ Sr Martha Yuo

WNJ ~ Sr Leander Liu

WNJ ~ Sr Magdalene Paul

WNJ ~ Sr Serena Halfmann & Homily

WNJ ~ Sr Francis Marie DeLany

WNJ ~ Sr Jessine Reiss

WNJ ~ Sr Linda Tan

WNJ ~ Sr Ann Lawrence Kolbeck

WNJ ~ Sr Justine Peter

WNJ ~ Sr Leo Marie Schiltgen

WNJ ~ Sr Jean Margaret Belland

WNJ ~ Sr Margaret Ann Recker

WNJ ~ Sr Charlene Chang

WNJ ~ Sr Leona Steilen