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“Beevangelist” Shares His “Bee-ology” with the Sisters

Posted on: May 25th, 2021 by Jean Merry

Sisters celebrated the week of Earth Day with a number of activities, including a presentation by “Beevangelist” Charlie Koenen, who worked with Sisters Helene Mertes, Mary Lou Schramer and Margaret Kruse to establish the beehives on the convent grounds as part of the Earth Echoes initiatives. Charlie, or “Char-bee” as he likes to call himself, brought a hive containing 10,000 bees (pictured here), and shared his “bee-ology,” a biology of bees with a theology of nature to emphasize the inter-connectedness of all activity on the earth.

Other slides in his presentation included a picture of the hives on the convent grounds and one of Charlie in his “Char-Bee” costume, promoting advocacy, education and activism for the preservation of the bee population.