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Second Annual Bakery and Craft Boutique a Success

Posted on: December 12th, 2018 by Lanex
2018 Christmas Boutique.

The second annual OSF Bakery and Craft Boutique at the Motherhouse on December 8 was a great success according to Sr. KD Strandell, who headed up the event again this year. “Tables were stacked with lovely creations,” she states. And bakery items included cookies, stolen, fruit cakes, toffee, pecan fingers, caramel corn, red/green/caramel corn, gingerbread cookies, pretzel treats, and a pie or two. “Franciscan hospitality and welcoming rang true all day,” she adds. All of the profits are going to the new convent project.

Sr. KD gratefully thanked the sister vendors: Judy Placzkowski, Joanne Schatzlein, Diane Oman, Ceil Struck, Marcia Lunz, Charlotte Roost, Helene Mertes, Evelyn Brokish, Joanne Schmitz, Julianne Koch, Margaret Ruddy, Mary Ann Polasek, Ladonna Woerdeman, Lenore Steilen, Kim Lawrence and Rita Ann Haderer. She also expressed gratitude to the sister bakers: Mary Lou Schramer, Grace Schauf, Helene Mertes, Laverne Sommer, Mary Hau, Julianne Koch, Marlene Stawski, and many other helpers and frosters.

Sr. Diana DeBruin, OSF, director of the congregation, spent the day welcoming people and directing traffic. Associate Directors Sylvia Anne Sheldon, OSF, and Marcia Lunz, OSF, were also on hand.

Associate Eunice Wink was there with her handmade dollhouse for which many raffle tickets were sold, and Associate Sylvia Gear and her associate helpers also had three baskets to raffle, which were also very popular items.

Sr. KD and her committee are looking forward to putting together another boutique in 2019.