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Women of faith touching a world in need.
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As Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi, our mission finds its roots in our common search for a life of total dependence upon God, striving to live in obedience to Gospel Values.

For Francis, this Gospel way of living was a power attracting him into intense union with God, a call drawing him into loving service to others out of compassion, and a mystery inviting him toward continual conversion. We, too, seek to affirm and intensify our Christian mission in the light of that vision given to Francis and our foundresses.

As Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi, we have committed ourselves to deepening our response to God’s call to transformation according to the Gospel. In living our mission, we strive to embrace the uniqueness of each member and our life in community together as an effective sign of love expressed through:

~ Fostering Christian community
~ Relating in mutuality with others
~ Extending hospitality
~ Balancing a life of prayer and action
~ Reverencing all of creation
~ Embracing the option for the poor
~ Working for justice through systemic change

As Franciscans, we understand that what calls us together is not primarily our ministry, but our Franciscan commitment to living the Gospel message. This call is expressed in living in community with one another and going out to be with those in need. In doing this we truly are “Women of faith touching a world in need.”

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