The Canticle Society

The Cantles of the Creatures is a hymn written by St. Francis that invites all of creation – men, women, animals, plants, minerals, sun, moon, water, wind  – to praise their Creator.

Many donors have been supporting the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi consistently for many years. They have answered our call for support during times of special need – like our new convent – and for ongoing support of our retired Sisters. Their commitment to our Sisters is humbling and deeply appreciated.

All donors who give consistently year after year for a minimum of five years  are included in the Canticle Society.  Throughout 2023, we will be contacting all current donors who consistently give each year for five or more years to invite them to join the Canticle Society.  To donate, click here.

Canticle Society Benefits

  • Recognition as a Canticle Society member, with name and years of support identified in our donor rolls and digital signage.
  • Special invitation to Canticle Society events, including annual Blessing of Pets and other outdoor activities. 
  • Opportunity to share your story as a Canticle Society member. 

To learn more about the Canticle Society, email Nancy Ketchman or call 414-294-7329.


Canticle Society Members

Click here to download a list of Canticle Society members who have donated for five or more years. If you do not see your name on this list or your name is spelled incorrectly, please email us with your full name. We will add your name to the appropriate number of years as a donor.

St Francis praying over valley


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