Sisters Celebrate Jubilees

Sisters Celebrate Jubilees

(front row, l to r): Sisters Ruth Gardner, Anna Marie Stadler, Mariella Boehmer, Canise Kolbeck, Rose Kordick, Darlene Clippert. (second row, l to r): Sisters Rosa Suazo, Leonette Gertner, Edna Lonergan, Diane Oman, KD Strandell, Eileen Quinn, Richelle Ranallo, Rose Marie Brausam, Kathy Cairns, Mary Hau.


Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi Celebrate Jubilees



Sixteen Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi rejoiced with the congregation and family members on July 28 and 30, 2023, as they celebrated Jubilees. Jubilee is a celebration of years since profession of vows. The Sisters who marked their Jubilees this year were:

75 Years

Sister Mariella Boehmer


70 Years

Sister Rose Marie Brausam

Sister Darlene Clippert

Sister Ruth Gardner

Sister Leonette Gertner

Sister Canise Kolbeck

Sister Rose Kordick

Sister Richelle Ranallo

Sister Rosa Suazo


60 Years

Sister Mary Hau

Sister Edna Lonergan

Sister Diane Oman

Sister Anna Marie Stadler

Sister Kathryn Dean Strandell


50 Years

Sister Eileen Quinn


25 Years

Sister Kathy Cairns

The Sisters celebrated with special liturgies and receptions on July 28 (for congregation members), and on July 30 (for family members and Associates of the congregation) on the grounds of their Motherhouse in Saint Francis. Congratulations to all!

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