We Met Our $1 Million Challenge Match

We Met Our $1 Million Challenge Match

Photo above: Sisters Carole Mechtenberg and A.T. Eckelkamp celebrate the good news about the $1 Million Challenge Match.


You did it!  Thanks to the incredible generosity of supporters like you, the Sisters of St. Francis of Assisi successfully met a $1 Million Sharing Our Blessings Challenge Match to support the health and retirement needs of our members. Two of our long-time donors – Molitor Foundation and We Energies Foundation – challenged our donors to contribute $1 million by May 28, 2023.  In return, they agreed to match those donations up to $1 million. And you rose to the challenge. Thanks to you, your $1 million donation turned into a $2 million gift in support of our Sisters.

Your financial support is critical to the health and well-being of the members of our congregation. Most of our Sisters have now reached or are nearing retirement, many with physical or cognitive health needs. Rapidly rising costs and an aging congregation – combined with a lifetime of low wages in active ministry – have strained our retirement savings. Each year it costs about $7 million to fund the healthcare, transportation, housing, food, recreational, and spiritual needs of our retired Sisters, especially those requiring assisted living and enhanced care services.

This is why your gift is so important to us. Thank you for making it possible for the Sisters to live in our convent and receive the same loving care that they offered others throughout their lives in active ministry. We truly appreciate your support!  

Please click here to learn how you can support our Sisters. 

Sister Margaret Klotz enjoys time with Ari, one of our talented and caring nursing staff.



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